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AluServices in a nutshell

Watch our video to learn more about AluServices®.

Surface treatment of aluminium profiles – all services under one roof and on one invoice        
  • Our AluCoating® surface treatment service offers a wide range of finishing options for aluminium profiles. The profiles can be finished by powder coating, anodising, or our decorative Decoral coating. Our powder coating paint shop, anodising plant, and extrusion plant are all located on the same site. Buying everything you need in one place and on a single order and invoice will save you time and money. 

Outsource your warehousing activities to us to free up space and capital  
  • You can use our AluStorage® warehousing service to outsource some or all of your warehousing activities to us. In this way, our high bay warehouse will always have the agreed number of aluminium profiles waiting for you. We can deliver profiles quickly, even if your choice of colour varies, and we can customise the order-delivery-chain to meet your specific needs. 
  • With the outsourcing service, you do not need to commit your own space or tie up your capital in warehousing. We ensure that the agreed number of aluminium profiles is always in stock, but you only pay for the profiles once you’ve received them. 

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Automated replenishment   
  • The AluCallOff® service enables the automation of inventory management and replenishment. We will make sure that the required number of aluminium profiles is always in stock, and the profiles will be delivered and invoiced when you need them for production. 
  • The stock levels can be adjusted as needed. 

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Order your aluminium profiles in protective baskets – which also serve as convenient temporary storage       
  • AluBasket® baskets facilitate the handling of the aluminium profiles and protect them from dents and scratches during transport. The baskets can also be used to store the profiles in the customer’s facilities.
  • We can provide a separate basket for each production batch so that they are easy to handle and transport throughout the customer’s production process. 
  • The baskets will be transported back to Mäkelä Alu on our delivery truck’s return trip. Thousands of baskets are constantly travelling back and forth between Mäkelä Alu and our customer sites. 

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Automation and order tracking application 

  • AluVendor® is an application that enables automated order tracking and stock management. As a registered customer, you can check your stock levels and track the progress of your orders in real time. Please contact our sales team for registration information. 
  • You can download he Aluvendor® mobile app on your phone so that you can check your order status conveniently anywhere, anytime. 

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