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AluCallOff® is a warehousing service that takes place in the customer’s facilities but is managed by us

This service saves the customer a lot of work and capital required for warehousing. AluCallOff® means that your business can rely on continuous profile availability without separate orders or delivery times.

Managing turnover speed and capital employed in stock become easier as our AluVendor system ensures that stock levels of aluminium profiles covered by the service are maintained. The system also allows you to see the stock situation and delivery status in real-time.

This is how it works

In the AluCallOff warehousing service, the required stock level is first defined together with the customer. The AluVendor software automatically monitors the stock levels, which saves the customer time and allows them to focus on their core business. Replenishment orders are placed automatically according to the initially agreed service level, and the profiles are delivered to the customer’s warehouse for production.

Watch our animated video to see how simple it is in practice!

Interested? Contact our sales department for more information or download our product info.
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