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Dedicated transport and handling service solutions

Based on our customers’ varying needs, we have developed solutions for the handling and transportation of aluminium profiles. In addition to the production of aluminium profiles tailored to customer needs, we want to serve our customers as comprehensively as possible

AluBasket® is a weatherproof and environmentally friendly aluminium basket solution for transporting, handling and storing long aluminium profiles. Against a payment, you will receive baskets for transporting and storing the aluminium profiles. The baskets are stackable and easy to handle with a forklift. They make handling the profiles easier and protect them from damage. Because the baskets are reusable, the amount of packaging waste is also reduced.

This is how it works

If you want to use the AluBasket® service, tell us about it when you are making your order. We will charge a delivery fee and a usage payment. The profiles you ordered will be delivered in baskets. You can then store and handle them based on your own needs. After use, the baskets will be returned to us as agreed.

Interested? Contact our sales department. You can also download the product sheet here.


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