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AluDesign design service

The purpose of the AluDesign service is to design, together with the customer, an aluminium profile that is as cost-effective as possible. The best results are achieved if we get to participate in the design process from a very early stage – preferably starting with the initial idea.

When customers order aluminium profiles from us, we want to make sure they get exactly what they need and that the profiles fit their intended purpose. Our profile designers use modern equipment and the newest CAD software. We can also send an electronic copy of the design to the customer. If necessary, we can create a visual representation of the profile using 3D modelling, giving an accurate idea about what the final product will look like.

This is how it works

In the AluDesign® service, our professional profile designer helps the customer determine the best aluminium alloy and coating for the profiles to ensure they are tailored exactly to the customer’s needs. Before starting the design work, we discuss the customer’s needs and requirements for the profiles. At this stage, the customer may have an idea or a rough sketch of the product. Based on the customer’s specifications, the profile designer creates a product design using CAD software and the customer receives the finished product images.

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