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Investments in the renovation of the horizontal powder-coating paint shop

We have recently invested significantly in the development of the horizontal powder-coating paint shop at our Luoma-aho factory. The aim was both to modernise the production line and to improve working conditions.

In addition to basic powder-coating, two-colour powder coatings and various types of piece goods are also surface treated in our horizontal powder-coating paint shop.


New paint booth

Our latest investment is a new paint booth, which was installed in January. The equipment in the paint shop was reaching the end of its life cycle and it was becoming difficult to find readily available spare parts. The new paint booth allows us to paint smaller batches cost-effectively.

“The new paint booth supports our company’s strategy. At the vertical powder-coating paint shop, it is possible to change the paint colour in one booth while another booth is being used for painting. Thanks to the new paint booth, this is now also possible at the horizontal powder-coating shop. In this way, the new paint booth minimises product changeover time and allows for the flexible and cost-effective surface treatment of even small batches,” says Development Engineer Jarno Kolkka.

The new equipment is state-of-the-art.

“The investment will improve the surface quality of the coating. In the new equipment, user-friendliness has been taken into account in a completely different way than in the old equipment. The new paint booth will be smoother and easier for our coating team to use,” he continues.

Jarno Kolkka (on the right) along with painters Markus Hirvelä and Jukka Kantonen have gotten to know the functionalities of the new paint booth.

Modernised pre-treatment

Last year, the control system for the washing end in our horizontal line was completely overhauled. At the same time, the production area was fenced off to increase safety. The robot’s working area and the pre-washing basins for the profiles are fenced so that if someone enters the area, the robot stops.

“The automation that controls the equipment and its components was also reaching the end of its life. The old equipment was unreliable and caused a risk of failure, which is why the entire control system and all its cabling were replaced,” says Jarno Kolkka.

The renovation brought the safety of the equipment up to the level required by the current Machinery Directive.

“This stage is critical to the success of the powder coating, so the modernisation also reduced the variation in the pre-treatment of the profiles,” he adds.


Efficient paint removal

A few years ago, a paint stripping line was installed at the washing end of the horizontal line, which was also a major development. The paint stripping line can be used to remove the powder coating from profiles that have been coated incorrectly and return them for recoating.

The paint stripping line saves time, material, money, and the environment, and improves delivery reliability. Before the paint stripping line, coated profiles with colour or surface defects had to be completely scrapped and could not be reused in any way.


Improved air quality

At the end of last year, a ventilation upgrade was also started in the horizontal powder-coating paint shop. The paint shop has open pre-treatment basins and a paint stripping basin. These cause some evaporation and odour problems. Air quality measurements in the horizontal powder-coating paint shop have shown that the air is clean enough, but also that the ventilation in the space is inadequate.

“Ventilation has now been completely renewed in the pre-treatment areas. The pre-treatment and paint stripping line was upgraded with proper local extraction equipment to remove fumes and odours from the space. The system also brings fresh replacement air into the hall from outside,” says Vesa Saarenlaita Production Manager of the surface treatment.

An important objective of the renovation is to improve working conditions and wellbeing at work. Proper ventilation improves both comfort and safety.

The total value of the investments is around EUR 1 million.



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