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AluPure is our environmentally friendly and low-emission aluminium billet

We recycle our production scrap into low-emission aluminium billets. We call this green aluminium billet AluPure.

AluPure is a low-emission aluminium raw material that significantly reduces the carbon footprint of your products. Using AluPure as a raw material in the production of your aluminium profiles is an environmentally friendly choice that allows you to save natural resources and the environment. Recycling one tonne of aluminium saves six tonnes of bauxite and nine tonnes of CO2 emissions!

Alupure featrues

This is how we manufacture AluPure: The scrap aluminium generated in our production is melted for reuse in our own foundry. In addition to our own production scrap, we also collect scrap aluminium from our further processing companies and customers. The available alloy is EN AW-6063. AluPure emissions are very low, only 2.01 tn CO2e/t. The carbon dioxide equivalent(CO2e) describes the climate impact of human-produced greenhouse gases. The measurement unit used (tn CO2e/t) illustrates how many carbon dioxide equivalent tonnes are produced when a thousand kilogrammes of product are manufactured.

For comparison, the average emissions of primary aluminum produced in Europe are 6.7 tn CO2e / t.

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